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The Cutting Edge œ |10 Essential Arab Movies.

2016 was another landmark year for Arab cinema as the Jordanian drama Theeb saw itself nominated for one of the industries most prestigious accolades, an Academy Award. In the not so distant past, media production of Arab cinema, especially that produced in Egypt, had a reputation for delivering world class films. However, due to an array of social and political arrest stemming from the 1970’s to the beginning of the Millennium, filmmaking in the region has been with saturated cheesy comedies and soap opera storylines. Fortunately, during the past 15 years a resurgence in quality Arab filmmaking, spanning from Morocco to Dubai, is evident. In the above video, episode one of The Cutting Edge œ, showcases a handful of essential/must see Arab movies, both new and not so new, some adult in subject matter and some whimsical, but all providing a snapshot of our industry in the Millennial period.

Based off a series of articles written on our main blog The Review AE back in 2010 about risqué and innovative Middle Eastern Cinema, The Cutting Edge œ is a monthly video series looking at the same subject and more.